On Wednesday, May 3rd at 4:00 PM the City of London will hold a public participation meeting (PPM) at Budweiser Gardens for Shift: London's Rapid Transit Initiative.

How Will the Public Participation Meeting Work?

On May 3rd, the City will host a rapid transit Public Participation Meeting--that’s an opportunity for citizens to share their views on the next decision to be made. The City of London provides a pretty good overview of how a PPM works on their website, but this document will provide some more information, from a citizen perspective, that it might help to know.


The PPM starts at 4:00PM and will continue for as long as there are people speaking—up to a specified time, probably 11:30 or midnight. At that point, the meeting can be adjourned to another date for any remaining speakers to be heard.

It’s safe to assume that this PPM will continue for quite a while, so if you can’t arrive until later in the evening, that should be okay. @ShiftHappensLDN and @LdnTransitRider will both be tweeting out how the PPM is going, so you can check their feeds for updates.


The doors of Bud Gardens will open at 3:30 PM and will remain open—barring any security issues—until the meeting has ended. When you enter, you will have to pass through security the same as you would if attending a hockey game, concert, or other event.


The committee will be chaired by Mayor Matt Brown, who will call the meeting to order. There will likely be a short staff presentation, and then the Mayor will ask for a motion to open the Public Participation Meeting. 

There will most likely be a dinner break around 6:30. When the dinner break begins, the chair will let members of the public know when the meeting will resume. Concession stands inside Bud Gardens will not be open. You may bring food into the arena with you, or it’s a great opportunity to enjoy a nearby restaurant.

Speaking Order and Turn-Taking

Because so many people are expected, City staff have decided not to pre-register speakers for this PPM, and everyone will get their chance to speak on a first-come, first-served basis.

There will be stationary microphones where citizens can line up to speak. The meeting chair will call on people to speak, usually alternating between multiple microphones.

Your Personal Information

You will be asked to provide your name when speaking, and you can choose whether to give your address at that time or provide it to a staff member afterward. You do not have to give your address while speaking.

Allotted Time to Speak

All presenters have a maximum of five minutes to speak. Normally, the chair will let you know when your time is running out. It can be a good idea to practice your comments a couple times and make sure you come in on time.

Asking Questions

You can let council know any questions you have about rapid transit, and they will be noted by staff, but they will not be directly answered at this PPM. 


Your statements should relate directly to the decision at hand. Sometimes, the meeting chairs do cut off citizens who have veered off-topic, and it’s reasonable to expect that may happen in a PPM where many citizens are waiting for a chance to speak.


Neither applauding nor jeering is permitted in response to speakers. Signs are generally not permitted, and especially if they are blocking anyone’s view. Electronic devices must be silent. Citizens can be removed, and have been removed, from PPMs for being disrespectful to Council, staff, or other citizens. 

Everyone has the right to attend and share their views, so please do your best to ensure none of your fellow citizens feel intimidated or alienated.

Written Statements

You may submit a written statement to the PPM instead of or in addition to speaking. Your statement will be included in the public agenda if it is submitted to sppc@london.ca by Tuesday, May 2 at 9:00 AM.

You may also send the committee a written summary of your comments after speaking.