You know what we take for granted? We get amazing value for money from our bus system. It's ranked one of the best managed transit systems in the province. But the system has some pretty big problems too and we've consistently failed to make the same investments in our transit system that other communities are making. Our public transit system needs a major upgrade and the time has come to make a major commitment to the future of our city. The great news is that our LTC has developed a team that is optimized for efficiency so we have the right team and the right support to make a leap forward.

We need to make a commitment to be better to our fellow citizens and to stop leaving riders by the side of the road because we don't have enough capacity to service them. People need to be able to get to school and work on time and that's what Shift is all about.  

Whether we own a home or we rent a home we are all taxpaying citizens and a transit system should work for all of us, for the people who cannot afford a car, for the people who take the bus for health reasons, for those who take it out of concern for the environment or simply because they want to spend their money on other things.

We know that if we want newcomers and the next generation of Londoners to take transit we have to provide great service. It has been proven time and time again that if you build wider roads and more lanes you end up with more drivers to using the roads. Similarly, if you build more bike lanes, you get more people riding their bikes and if you build better transit you get more riders. Great cities give people great transportation alternatives. That's Shift, that's BRT.

We know that our ride to work can change how we feel about our whole day, moving around the city more than just a drive, it directly contributes to our happiness. The Shift plan means a better commute for everybody and a better quality of life for everybody, whether you choose to drive a car, ride a bike or walk.